CICCIO flies over Tuscany

An interactive experience of a virtual flight over Tuscany takes place in an inflatable environment made of white nylon material (CICCIO).

Interaction-Ivrea will transport to the Geography Fair event in Florence, a CICCIO (curiously inflated computer controlled interactive object). Inside the CICCIO there will be an interactive system based upon radio tag technology, which produces projections on the external walls of the inflatable structure. This projection will be also visible from the inside.

The visitor will be invited to enter the inflatable object via the images that are projected upon him. Inside there is a lit Plexiglass table with around fifty objects scattered upon it. Each object is typical of an area of the Tuscany region. Visitors will be able to find souvenir objects such as the earth from Siena, the David, a Tuscan cigar and a bottle of Chianti wine. Some of these objects will be vacuumed-packed inside transparent containers bearing each a radio frequency tag. The visitor can touch all the objects but will only be able to interact with the vacuumed-packed ones. At the end of the table there will be a system that read the tags. The visitor can lay its object on the reader and then a video will be projected on the CICCIO walls. The video will represent a fictional flight into the area symbolized by the object. At the end of the experience, the visitor will be able to continue choosing objects or alternatively can take away some special postcards, each representing one of the 16 geographical areas of Tuscany.

Florence 1-4 February 2005 Teatro Saschall

Interaction-Ivrea: Daniele Mancini and Francesca Sassaroli

Sponsored By: Interaction Design Institute Ivrea

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