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Benvenuto! Mi chiamo Daniele Mancini, sono un architetto e vivo al momento a Roma. è il mio blog personale dove di tanto in tanto registro le mie attività di creativo, architetto ed educatore proprio come fosse un “diario di bordo”. Molto spesso, ma non sempre, queste cartoline sono allineate con il mio profilo Instagram che potete seguire qui


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Welcome! My name is Daniele Mancini, I am an architect and I currently live in Rome. is my personal blog where from time to time I record my activities as a creative, architect and educator just like a “logbook”. Very often, but not always, these postcards are aligned with my Instagram profile which you can follow here

@ danielemancini74

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In basic design we trust | in disobedience we teach | in solidarity we live


UNPACKED is an agile and fresh Office supporting a wide range of creative activities. Mainly is a common ground for speculations over cross-fertilizing projects involving diverse disciplines including art, architecture, urban planning, photography, design, business innovation, teaching, communication and more.

UNPACKED unveils the opportunities hidden into the folds of obvious and banal, through architectures, installations, exhibitions, performances, workshops, various experiments of communication and relational design, instant and spontaneous playgrounds, experments inbetween digital and analog.

The office based in Rome started in January 2005 thanks to the Young Entrepreneurs European funds “Sviluppo Italia” and is currently driven by Daniele Mancini and Irene Rinaldi, both architects and educators