CICCIO Intimacy @ Beyond Media

Interaction Design Institute Ivrea presents itself with CICCIO, an inflatable interactive environment, at Beyond Media, a yearly international festival, exhibition and event in Florence, dedicated to Intimacy (2-12 october 2003).

Beyond Media is one of the main events on the use of new communications technologies in architecture. It is promoted by the Department of Technology in Architecture and Design of the University of Florence, curated by Marco Brizzi and organised by iMage. The exhibition and events, which take place in Florence’s Spazio Alcatraz and Ospedale degli Innocenti, features 19 schools and 51 architects from all over the world.

CICCIO, which stands for Curiously Inflatable Computer Controlled Interactive Object, uses simple and flexible technology to encourage experimentation and fast iteration of design and spatial ideas.

When visiting CICCIO, one enters a place that can be controlled, dynamically modified and programmed. Interactive furniture, sensors on the skin and a local area network point to a future full of possibilities while connecting users with broader information systems. In Florence, it features an interactive environment of colours and sounds. CICCIO is an explorative technology system that innovates the manifold space of interactive environments.

Interaction-ivrea: Designed by: Dario Buzzini, Massimo Banzi, Stefano Mirti, Walter Aprile, Britta Boland, Daniele Mancini, Line Ulrike Christiansenn, Karmen Franinovich, Eyal Fried

Sponsored by: Interaction Design Institute Ivrea


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UNPACKED unveils the opportunities hidden into the folds of obvious and banal, through architectures, installations, exhibitions, performances, workshops, various experiments of communication and relational design, instant and spontaneous playgrounds, experments inbetween digital and analog.

The office based in Rome started in January 2005 thanks to the Young Entrepreneurs European funds “Sviluppo Italia” and is currently driven by Daniele Mancini and Irene Rinaldi, both architects and educators