GranBox, Yet Another Boîte-en-Valise

One hundred boxes in three dimensions (small, medium, large) to share and tell GranTouristas’ digital trip of summer and fall 2012. 70 people produced a series of 100 works to be put into the boxes. Boxes cost 25/50/100 euro, depending on their size. A collective and self-financed project. Also in this case, the community is the message.

Project curated by: Daniele Mancini, Stefano Mirti and Remo Ricchetti

With: Tiziana Amicuzi, Michele Aquila, Anna Barbara, Laura Basco, Sabina Belfiore Lucovich, Andrea Botto, Elio Caccavale, Gaspare Caliri, Mario Cantarella, Paolo Carli Moretti, Mauro Ceolin, Maurizio Cilli, Elisa Castelli, Mariano Dallago, Claudio Farina, Duilio Forte, Fabio Fusco, Simona Galateo, Cherubino Gambardella, Lucia Giuliano, Pan Gu, Felice Gualtieri, Gioia Guerzoni, Alica Horvathova, Marco Lampugnani, Luca Lardera, Susanna Legrenzi, Daniele Mancini, Antonio Marchetti, Alessandro Melis, Stefano Mirti, Eleonora Odorizzi, Elisa Ossino, Parasite 2.0 Lab, Andrea Paoletti, Giulio Pascali, Cristina Perillo, Giacomo Pirazzoli, Remo Ricchetti, Antonio Scarponi, Cristina Senatore, Claudio Tognacca, Camillo Villa, Elisa Vladilo.

A selection of nice pictures on IdLab website
Here a report on Abitare n.532 05/2013 by Stefano Mirti

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