Lounge area sponsored by Illy at Biennale di Venezia 2003

Arsenale di Venezia
15 June – 2 November 2003

The well known company Illy Caffè has sponsored some lounge areas along the site of Arsenale in the Venice Biennale. These areas have been inspired by the typical Italian culture of resting and taking coffee. Cliostraat, the firm in charge, has involved us in developing the concept: we simply transformed the famous red square logo of Illy Caffè in something habitable.

Project by: Alessandra Raso, Alessandra Esposito, Cristina Casula, Stefano Mirti, Matteo Pastore, Luca Poncellini, Matteo Raso, Stefano Testa (CLIOSTRAAT) with: Marguerite Kahrl, Daniele Mancini (UNPACKED), Eyal Fried.


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// What is

UNPACKED Studio is a professional practice based in Rome (Italy) operating within the traditional fields of architecture and urban planning but also interested in exploring the contemporary through other creative approaches.

// What we do

UNPACKED Studio provides services in the fields of Design, Communication, Architecture, Urban Planning, Participatory Process, Innovative Education and Research.

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// Mission

UNPACKED Studio is a common ground for speculations over cross-fertilizing projects involving several professionals from diverse disciplines. We like experimenting cutting-edge approaches between digital and analog.

// Who we are

UNPACKED Studio has been founded by Daniele Mancini and Irene Rinaldi, both architects and educators.

Daniele Mancini is Ph.D. in Theory of Architecture. He worked in France at Jakob+ MacFarlane Architects and in The Netherlands at Wiel Arets Architects. He is currently involved in teaching activities at IED Istituto Europeo di Design di Roma.

Irene Rinaldi worked in Spain at De La Puerta Architects and in Italy at Schiattarella Associati where participated to the design of Italian Pavillon for the Japan Expo 2005 in Aichi (Nagoya)

UNPACKED Studio started in January 2005 thanks to the Young Entrepreneurs European funds “Sviluppo Italia”.