Inflatable DIY cookbook

How to make quickly effective inflatable structures

A manual to built up quickly and easily your personal and effective inflatable space.

This booklet is divided into two parts. The first one is a Do It Yourself manual about building up simple inflatable structures. The second one is a collection of images about our last workshops and performances. The inflatable technology is really complex and it’s applied in many fields of science and engineering. Nevertheless, as designers we are interested in inflatables because they could be a cheap, fast and easy way to moke up real scale prototype of livable spaces. Our endless source of inspiration in our inflating activity, in fact, is the work of Ant Farm to whom this booklet is dedicated.

Architecture isn’t just building, it is media, it is performance, it is graphic presentation, and with
inflatables these elements can be equals.

Ant Farm, 1970

In 1970 they’ve printed a very little numbers of copies of a fresh and radical magazine called Inflatecookbook about their experiences in DIY designing super POP inflatable structures with the intention of sharing their experience. We want do the same with this small and not exhaustive book you can look at for free.

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UNPACKED unveils the opportunities hidden into the folds of obvious and banal, through architectures, installations, exhibitions, performances, workshops, various experiments of communication and relational design, instant and spontaneous playgrounds, experments inbetween digital and analog.

The office based in Rome started in January 2005 thanks to the Young Entrepreneurs European funds “Sviluppo Italia” and is currently driven by Daniele Mancini and Irene Rinaldi, both architects and educators